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Ronald ,  Bishop Lavis 17/12/2017 03:13

Honoured to meet you and to know you are from Bishop Lavis.

Stuart Scott,  Bishops Prep Cape Town 24/04/2014 21:22

Leon, thank you so much for making time to play for all the boys of Bishops Prep. Your talk to them about the life that was opened to you because of your love of playing the double bass really made an impression! then to play so beautifully for them was the cream on top. Thank you again. With admiration, Stuart

Bill Ritchie,  Omaha, Nebraska USA 09/04/2014 01:08

I am performing Susanin's Aria this summer and just came upon your version on the Russian Double Baas CD.

Isobel Sobey 09/03/2014 13:46

I stumbled upon this while looking for some music for playing at school (I teach - work in a school library).<br>It was beautiful.... Thank you..<br><br>I knew you once when I had the amazing privilege (not really deserved, I think) of playing with a SA youth orchestra one year. Soon you will be a household name in my corner of Durban!<br><br>Thanks again. Isobel Sobey (Cox)

richard keane ,  scotland 12/04/2013 05:59

just finnished listenning to all the dittersdorf cd, what a lovely thing, hope you had as much fun making it as it sounds, i certainly have enjoyed it greatly , inspired me,especially liked the last duetto tracks,lots of littel corners and fun moments i would say .
how about some suggestions for the next one i got a few,
i am off to get a few blisters going in the next few days,i recon dittersdorf would have made a great jazzer , lots of tunes in his parts . inspired


Rene,  Melbourne 07/03/2013 09:10

Just listening to the "Russian Double Bass", very beautiful music! Sounds like a cello on steroids :) Cheers!

richard keane 21/01/2013 05:19

hope you are well mate , i am enjoying listenning to your tunes, lovely playing ,looking forward to the next cd, <br>best regards, been dusting of the rosin and trying to play some classical tunes recently so thanks for the insperation , <br><br>have a look cromlits lilt were on face book , i changed bows,after collage like the i idea of a change ,sadly not anything like as talented as your self , but i used to have a good time enjoying your playing .<br> <br>richard

Tony Foster 06/01/2013 03:57

I'm impressed!

Rick Standley,  Scotland 05/01/2013 17:15

I have just spent an enjoyable half-an-hour visiting your site: would love to meet up with you again one day!

Will Schofield 05/01/2013 06:39

Great site Leon, I like the sound clip on your homepage!

Kevin Reginald Cooke,  Milton Keynes 03/12/2012 03:57

Hi Leon, great to meet you last night. Would love to see you perform some time soon!

Kind regards,


Clarissa Dann,  London 30/06/2012 04:34

Hello, just fabulous hearing you and the Academy of St Martin's in the Fields play tonight. What a rich fruity sound! As an amateur bassist, it's just so inspiring to hear a professional like you make such a gorgeous sound.

Eldrid Petersen,  CaPe Town 28/10/2011 08:28

Hi Leon

Hope you're doing well. Would love to catch up. When do you perform in RSA again?

vito,  Italy 26/10/2011 09:07

Dear Maestro,
just to tell everyone that your last Cd about Stephenson's music is really a High Recommended Cd. Listen to it and you will undestand!!

Sebastian Carcamo,  Chile 18/10/2011 04:08

Hi Mr Leon, Nice to meet you, It was a really good experience have a dinner with and meet you.
Thanks for the CD,
Regards from a double basses lovers

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